Austin Mini Maker Faire

This afternoon I’m finally sitting down and looking through photos from our Saturday morning excursion. To be honest, when I woke up on Saturday morning I would have been undeniably content being a couch potato for the entire day. This pregnancy thing has me exhausted beyond compare. But, my hero of a husband managed to convince me to get off my ass and go on an adventure. Off we went to the Austin Mini Maker Faire. (

I wasn’t completely sure how much my nugget would dig it, or if there would really be anything age appropriate to intrigue her. I am happy to say that she had a blast. Little thing was totally tuckered out by the time we were done!

As soon as we walked in through the gates Sofia was mesmerized by everything around her. Although, I have to admit that the bat bike freaked her out a bit at first. It took a couple of minutes, but we finally convinced her to hop up to take a picture.


The butterfly bike was much more welcoming to her. I think she would have taken off on it if she knew how to ride it!


It was awesome to find that there were a bunch of booths set up specifically for kids. From making a car out of a spool, to making a boat out of a toilet paper roll and popsicle sticks, the nugget was kept quite entertained.



Inside, we met a working R2D2. Sofia isn’t totally sure who he is (yet), so, as you can see, her daddy was a bit more excited than she.


There was a kiddie pool filled with Lego bits that kept us occupied for quite a while, and a pretty impressive Lego city on display.



And, on the way out we got to watch some robots in action.


Even though a lot of the programs that were being promoted were for older kids, everyone did a great job of catering to tots. This will definitely be on our list to go to again next year!


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