Totoro Cake Topper


I mentioned that my nugget has a birthday coming up. Currently, her biggest obsessions are Totoro and 1960’s Godzilla movies. If you’re not familiar with Totoro, you should do yourself a favor and get acquainted. (

My Neighbor Totoro came out in 1988 and is a total classic. The Japanese cartoon’s story centers around two sisters who move to the country with their father, while their mother is sick in the hospital. They become friends with a forest spirit named Totoro. Not only is Totoro friendly and cuddly and awesome, but the story displays a lot of respect for nature, and family bonding. So, naturally, hubs and I thoroughly approve of Sofia’s fondness for it.


The only thing is, since it’s an older Japanese cartoon you can’t exactly run down to the nearest Toys R Us to pick up Totoro stuff.

Hubs and I made the decision not to throw a big birthday party this year. We had originally though we could pull one together, but just have too much shit going on. So, to make up for it a little, I’ve been trying to step it up in other ways.

Onward to this craft project.

I plan on baking a cake, and had thought to buy a little Godzilla toy to use as a cake topper. Much to my dismay I found that finding classic Godzilla isn’t quite so easy. (And, boy, does my kid have eclectic taste!) Finally, on a whim, I just said screw it and decided to make a Totoro.

Sculpey is one of my best friends.

First I rolled up a piece of aluminum foil into a tight ball to fill the little dude out a bit. From there I started slowly adding his features.

Totoro1 Totoro2 Totoro3

Popped him in the oven when I was done with the sculpting. One of his ears popped off (due to an air bubble). No worries. Super glue can fix almost anything.

Totoro4 Totoro5

Then on to the painting. I tend to add darker colors first and then layer light colors on top. Don’t know if that’s “correct”, but I feel like it adds a little depth to the color.


Finished painting him and added a layer of glaze on top. Viola!

Totoro10 Totoro11 Totoro12

Little dude still needs some whiskers. After that, I’m hoping he’ll do nicely.

And, I know. For crying out loud, it’s just a cake topper! Something that the nugget won’t even remember, so why go through all the trouble? Well, because I can. The way I see it, there will be plenty of times in my life that I won’t be able to do shit like this for my kids. So, when I can, I do. They may remember. They may not. But I’ll know. And, that’s enough:)


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