3 Going on 30

Yep! Three whole years old now! Hard to believe. it made this Momma happy to see her have a wonderful day.


The little nugget woke up to all sorts of birthday goodies.


Including a couple of things I managed somehow to speed craft earlier in the week. So far every year I’ve managed to make her a birthday crown. There’s these fabulous sheets of glittered material at the craft store for just a couple of bucks each. A little patience, a lot of hot glue, and voila! The crown was obviously adorned with Totoro this year.

I also tried my hand at that sharpie-on-a-mug pinterest post that seems to circulate non stop. The oil based Sharpies seemed to work pretty well, and Sofia seemed super stoked to have her own Totoro tea cup:)


At breakfast, she not only insisted on using her new tea cup, but also insisted to have her baby Godzilla wrapped up in a blanket next to her.


Her biggest surprise was the new super awesome playhouse some of the family chipped in for. Beyond excited was definitely her response! My hero of a husband spent about three and a half hours the night before setting it up on the back porch (after bedtime) for her to play in. We’ve been having rain in our neck of the woods for about 20 days or so straight, so setting it up in the yard was out. Once all the sogginess dries up we’ll move it to a more permanent place.


The rest of the day included lots of playtime, and a trip to see Daddy at work for lunch.


(Doesn’t she just look like she’s ready to take on the world?!?)


That night after dinner she dug into her Totoro cake. I’m pretty sure she liked it.

The next day we decided it was finally time to consider getting Sofia a hair cut. The girl has fabulous hair. But, her patience for having her hair brushed and fixed has worn a bit thin. After showing her a picture online of a little salon for kids, she was sold.

We ended up at KAOS Kids Salon. They were super nice, super fast, and Sofia got to sit on a pink motorcycle. The little nugget did wonderful and looks wonderfully sassy with her new ‘do:)

 Haircut2 Haircut3

Regardless of how hard it is to see my little pepita grow up so fast, I am so overwhelmingly proud every day of the little woman that she is becoming!



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