Glitter Crowns! (Just for the Hell of It:)

Oi. The last few days have been an adventure in Third Trimester Land! This momma caught her second stomach virus within the last month and spent pretty much the entire weekend on the couch wining. My husband is my hero, and managed to keep me well kept, and entertain our wiggly three year old!


Their first adventure started with a trip to the lake to fish. (Sofia’s first time!) All was going well until the little one stepped right into the lake. Thankfully, she handled it like a champ. Better luck next time!


On Sunday my man took the nugget to a nearby splash pad, followed by a stop for ice cream, while momma stayed home and rested. Aren’t they damn cute?! At least they got some fun in the sun in this weekend.

Before my sickies set in I was able to get a quick craft done. I decided to make an itty bitty crown for the new nugget (making her arrival in just a couple of weeks), and a big sister crown for Sofia.

I used glitter fabric sheets that I picked up from my local craft store. They’re about a buck 50 each. Not bad at all. Then I created a pattern on some regular paper for the crowns.



I traced the pattern onto the back of the glitter fabric and snipped away until all my pieces were ready.




Then came the hot glue. I seriously don’t know what I would do without a hot glue gun in my life.



Pieced them together bit by bit until, viola!


Truth be told, I have no idea if I will manage to get a photo of my two beautiful, crazy-wild babes wearing these things or not. But, here’s hoping!


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