Dear Blog, I Didn’t Forget About You

What’s been up:

Not much time available to sit in front of my computer to ponder the meaning of life these days. No need. My five month old, three and a half year old, and husband remind me of it on a daily basis. Even on our roughest days my last thoughts before slipping off to a restless sleep next to my nursing babe is how much I love my family.

The last few months have passed in a blink of the eye. I feel like I work hard every day to end it with a bigger to do list than I began with. But, it’s ok. Sure, I get frustrated that it takes a full week sometimes to put away a load of laundry. But, I’m happy.

The first couple of months following my Stella’s birth were the normal rounds of beautiful chaos comprised of visitors, doctor’s appointments, and adjusting to adding a new squeaky addition to our family. Poor nugget suffered from some pretty severe GERD. Thanks to our patient and attentive pediatrician, we found a dosage of medicine to keep her out of pain. A complete difference of night and day! This baby easily spends the majority of her wakeful hours with a gigantic grin on her face:) (Pitter-patter my heart!)


I’m constantly baffled by how grown up Number 1 is these days. She is an absolutely fabulous big sister. She deals with the frustration of sharing mine and her daddy’s attention, as any kid does. But, she dotes on Squeaker in such a fantastic way. She’s a bit scared to hold her, but she goes out of her way every day to try ad make her smile. These two will be unstoppable when they’re older!


Halloween is a big event for the Pippin family each year. And, I think this year was our most amazing yet. For months and months before Halloween Sofia had been asking to be the cat bus from Totoro. I honestly have no idea how I managed it with a newborn, but she got her wish. It was worth every tired, frustrated, and determined stitch to see her glow with happiness when she finally got to wear her costume on Halloween:) The whole family joined in on the Totoro fun, and we had a splendid night.




With Halloween passed, and Thanksgiving over in a flash, we are in full Christmas mode. Sofia’s newest obsession is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I, obviously, approve. I dusted off my old glass ornaments and handed them down to her this year, and made a Jack Skellington tree topper with a bit of paint and an old ornament. Our days are whizzing by as we bake holiday cookies and await Christmas.


Writing makes me chill, so I will be making an extra effort to giving a bit more attention to it. Hopefully my blog will not go on so neglected.



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