A Quote For Today

Time to read is about as rare as snowfall in central Texas these days. Also, I’m a fairly slow reader. As much as I adore to delve into a good book, the journey tends to take me a while. But, I still try and devote time to it whenever I can find a minute. 


I recently picked up a copy of Bohemian Paris by Dan Franck. As I snuggled up in bed and opened the book to the preface, I was met with this beautiful beginning:

“A world without art would be blind to itself. It would be confined within the boundaries imposed by simplistic rules. This is why totalitarian regimes, when they rise to power, set out to censor, prohibit and burn. This is how they destroy ideas, dreams, memory, and the expression of differences, which are the fertile soil from which artists spring.”

Love it.

Not only does it remind me to be so incredibly grateful for the freedoms I have, but it is a lovely reminder that art can gift a wonderful reflection of life, and change of perspective. 

It makes me itch to pick up a paintbrush again. But, for now I will be patient and cuddle my snuggly Squeaker.



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