Here’s To 34 Trips Around The Sun

In yesteryears I would have worried and fretted about being a year older. I would have neared panick wondering if I’ve accomplished all of the things in life I should have. Now I just laugh and pour myself a glass of wine;)

If I have lines around my eyes it’s because I smile a lot.

Today I got my very favorite card ever. Sofia dictated to Daddy what was to be on it. It now hangs on my wall next to my bed. Apparently she specified that Darth Vader should look angry, and she signed her own name:)

A few days ago Sofia said that she wanted me to get a Darth Vader baby (plush) for my birthday. Hubs and I laughed about it, thinking she just said it because she wanted one to play with.

This morning, when she realized I didn’t get one she started crying. But I realized something as I sat on the floor and pulled her into my lap to hug away her tears. I think I was wrong that she wanted a toy to play with. I think she wanted it for me because, in her mind, that was the very best thing she could give me. 

When I realized that, it tugged at my heart so hard. I have such an amazingly sweet and badass kid!

I got to spend a wonderful day with my girls while hubs was at work. We went to dance class and hung out at the park with friends.

Squeaker’s nursing the tiniest of fevers. My fingers are crossed that she’ll finally cut those teeth she’s been working on for the last month and a half. She’s been exceptionally snugly today:) 


Tonight I am watching shows with Hubs, drinking wine, and eating chocolate.

Not too shabby:)

I’m ready to start another journey around the sun.


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