It’s A BFD

We had a couple of hard days last week. My normally bubbly, non napping, happy and polite three year old was just… off. Hubs and I could tell there was something up. But she didn’t have a fever, she wasn’t throwing up, and she was taking naps. The only thing you can really do when it’s like that is keep an eye on ’em, and wait it out.

On Tuesday I picked her up from school, hoping that the fun had been a good distraction, and that maybe she had perked up. Instead I got our first bad report from her teacher. Damn near broke my heart. She wasn’t listening to instructions. She wasn’t playing nice with her mates. 

That night too, it seemed like we were playing a game of opposites. A whole slew of her toys ended up in time out. I called and made an appointment to see her doc the next morning.

I’m so glad that I made that call. In the middle of the night Sofia woke up screaming and crying, saying that she didn’t feel good. The next morning we saw our pediatrician, and we discovered that our nugget had a doozie of an ear infection. 

Apparently, it was really quite bad. Our fabulous doctor encouraged us to start her medicine right away, and assured us there was no wonder why she had been acting out!


So, here’s the big fucking deal:

As we inch toward the end of the week, and our Doodlebug is starting to return to her normal, pleasant self, we are driving down the road and I tell that man-o-mine: “Hey, Babe. It’s been a whole week since Sofia’s worn a diaper!”

Potty training has been a long road for us. 

Sofia has gotten the logistics of using the potty for over a year now. Knowing she had to go was never really our issue. In fact, she rarely wore a diaper at home. The problem we always ran into was public restrooms.

Now, here I can’t really hold it against her. Public restrooms are often nasty, and give one cause to lose their faith in humanity. My thirty-four year old self would much rather not use one, if I can avoid it. 

And on top of the sights and smells one encounters in any public restroom, one is also generally met with incredibly loud mechanical flushes that sear into your ears with such ferocity that you wonder if you are being sucked into a black hole. Then, as soon as your equilibrium returns, it is accosted once again by the violently loud hand dryers, spewing hot air and germs everywhere. This. This is what has been giving my Little Bit such trouble.

Now, I’m sure that there are plenty of people that would say I am a total pushover for not dragging my child, screaming and planking, into whatever restroom, and forcing her to use the potty. But, I didn’t do that. 

I swear, what I was witnessing in my child was a genuine fight or flight response. She wasn’t throwing a fit. She was scared shitless.

So, we’ve been doing a potty training dance for some time now. Baby stepping. Trying a public restroom anytime Doodlebug seemed up for it. Pulling our hair out in frustration on plenty of occasions.

When she started school we sent her in pull ups. After a few weeks in, her teacher pulled me aside and said she was ready to wear panties to school. I was thrilled to hear it! I was even more thrilled when I picked her up the next day and she had no potty accidents!!! After that, we graduated to no diapers at all during the day. Only at night. We’ve made it a week and a half.

So, here we are:) 

Now, the nugget has a little collection of Totoro toys, and the one Totoro she was missing was the little blue one. Nearly a year ago we made a deal with the Doodlebug that we would buy her that blue Totoro when she started going to the big girl potty all the time. We never imagined it would take so long. 

Yesterday morning we went for a hike. While we were out Sofia peed and pooped in the restrooms at a park. You know, the metal toilets that are freezing cold on your ass even in the summer. The ones that you’re always a little bit scared that a spider is gonna jump out at you. She didn’t fuss a bit:)

We piled up in the car and went and got her a blue Totoro. Not only has she gone over a week without a diaper, but she did it while suffering with one hell of an ear infection!

My little badass earned it:)



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